Secrets to planning the perfect at home wedding ceremony

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What if your ideal wedding venue just happens to be your own home? You get married there, obviously! You and your groom may already live together, want to save money, or one of your sets of parents has a house that would be perfect for a wedding ceremony, regardless these kinds of at home events are especially personal and meaningful. When it comes to weddings, there really is no place like home. You won’t regret saying your vows in the place that means the most to you. It’s all about being prepared for what it takes to throw a wedding in your very own backyard. A couple things to remember when planning your at home ceremony….


You Can’t Do It All Yourself

Since you’re so accustomed to your home, hiring a wedding coordinator will give you a fresh perspective on the property and what you can and cannot do.

Your Wedding Officiant May Not Comply

Make sure your wedding officiant  will give you his or her blessing at your chosen location (some aren’t able to perform the ceremony outside their place of worship because it’s not recognized by the church). You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to find a licensed officiant who will do the honors.

It’s All Worth It

We want you to be prepared, not scared. Having a wedding at home — even at your new home as newlyweds — is an amazing idea, and an event your family will always remember. The best thing about having your wedding at home is how personal it can be. Nothing compares to getting ready in your childhood room and coming down the staircase in your gown. Find the right people to help, and you’ll walk down your homespun aisle stress-free


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Thank You to Michael Gallitelli of Metroland Photography for capturing our very first at home ceremony so perfectly!

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