May The Fleurs Be With You

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Every year we are asked to participate in the Big Bang Gala at The MiSci Museum in Schenectady. This year’s theme was “Experience The Force of MiSci”, so we took things to a completely different galaxy.

We look forward to the MiSci Gala every year because the themes are always so unique and allow our creative juices to flow. Since this years theme was based on Star Wars, we channeled our intergalactic gurus and came up with an interstellar design.

Incorporating stars and flowers isn’t exactly the easiest thing, so we came up with a design based on outer space that would allow us to blend flowers in, without over doing it. We used foam stars as the base of the arrangement and added in blue wire to make it look more scientific. We topped it all off with our version of a light saber and gorgeous purple dendrobium orchids to tie the theme all together.

Caterer: Mazzone

Linens: Tablecloths For Granted

13161826_10154185139119136_7429635912684008645_oA life-size R2D2 was there to greet guests as they entered!



These scientific boutonnieres are made with blue wires and an LED light.

Ironically, not all centerpieces and personals have to be entirely made up of fresh flowers, especially when you have a specific theme to stick with. Get creative and think outside the box to embody the overall look of your theme, but of course, add a few fresh stems if you can to give your centerpieces that extra pop!

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