How to Design Your Table Setting

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Wedding-Tablescape-runner-1100x816How do you take your reception tables from ordinary to extraordinary? It’s all about accessorizing! Think of your table as a blank slate that allows you and your groom to make your first joint statement of style as a couple together. Create a beautiful table setting with these top 5 tips:

1.    Linens

Linens are your secret weapon! They are the base for your table setting and are here to compliment, yet unify, each and every element that’s put on top of them. There are all sorts of colors, patterns, and textures that are at your disposal. Match the color to your particular theme, but make sure the shade isn’t overpowering, the linens shouldn’t be the center of your attention but a great way to bring it all together.

2.   Florals

Flowers are typically the focal point of your table and you want to make sure your blooms look lush and fresh.  When it comes to florals, timing is crucial. Roses are hardy, so you don’t have to worry about them wilting half way through the speeches.  However, some flowers like gardenias, won’t last as long, so it’s smart to place them down at the very last minute in order for them to still look gorgeous by the time your receptions starts.

3.   Napkins

Napkins tend to get overlooked in the designing process, but what you might not realize is that the napkin presentation can either make or break the entire look of your table scape. It’s the first thing your guests see when they seat themselves at the dinner table. Try fiddling with different folds and fun colors to figure out which works the best with the rest of your arrangement.

4.  Centerpieces

Centerpieces are a great way to get creative. Set your flowers adrift a few floating candles in a chic dessert bowl for a romantic DIY centerpiece. Whatever you chose, remember that the vessels are just important as what fills them.  If you’re going glam, why not try mercury vases. For a beach party, keep your centerpieces light and airy.  Remember not to go too high, so that your guests can easily converse across the table.

5.   Make it personal

Use the china from your parent’s wedding, or hold your napkin together with a delicate family heirloom.  Place settings are not only a time to get creative, but also a time to get personal. When you add something meaningful to your table, it creates an intimate atmosphere that welcomes your guests and allows them to feel closer to your family. It reveals the romance in the reason why weddings are such an incredibly special celebration of two families becoming one.

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