Did you know that Birds of Paradise come, closed? David Siders, owner of Experience and Creative Design walks you through the steps of the beautiful flower, Bird of Paradise. Take a look as David Hatches this flower.

birds of paradise pre-opened8.23.13 002

David opening birds of paradise8.23.13 003

continuing to open birds of paradise8.23.13 004

bird of paradise now open8.23.13 005

flower arrangement with birds of paradise8.23.13 010


Halloween Fun!

Experience and Creative Design is all ready for Halloween this year! We have a mixture of cute and scary products sure to satisfy everyone’s taste. Stop in now and get your Halloween decorating done early!

Life size talking Skeleton

Life size talking Skeleton

spider garland _J5049

spider garland 2-J4995

Glitter Broom Stick

Glitter Broom Stick

Life size twirling Ghost

Life size twirling Ghost

Sofy Whitch

Soft Whitch

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This week’s blog for “Designing for the Senses” focuses on Sound! During this entry, we’re not going to focus necessarily on the “sounds” of the products we offer such as wind chimes. But rather, we are going to focus on the sounds of the footsteps of the crowds rushing to our ever so popular 75% OFF TENT! Yes, that’s right, Experience and Creative Design is gearing up for a HUGE 75% OFF TENT SALE during our 2013 Fall Open House, September 7th and 8th. The tent opens Saturday, September 7th from 10am-5pm and Sunday, September 8th from 11am-4pm! We suggest hitting up the tent Saturday morning before all the product goes! Hurry in for great deals…with large crowds!




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Bring the elements of the season into your home! Begin with a decorative door piece from Experience and Creative Design that incorporates Indian corn, wheat and gourds. Further Enhance your space with a pumpkin topiary, corn stalks, mums and bails of hay. Inside your home, place gourds in a decorative bowl, add bittersweet, cattail and sunflowers to vases and adorn your dining room or coffee table with a permanent or fresh floral arrangement.

Top your space off with decorative pillows, throws and candles in fall colors. If you’ve got some extra time, paint an accent wall in a rust, orange, gold or green color to tie it all together!

Stroll through Experience and Creative Design on September 7th and 8th to enjoy the Sights of Fall! We offer a wide variety of fall home accessories to decorate your home.

8513 016

8513 017

8513 021











Add interest to your space with texture. Textured pillows alone can add a whole new look to a room. Place them on sofas, occasional chairs, benches, beds, etc. Place woven baskets on bookshelves to hold odds and ends. This will not only keep your space clean and organized but will also draw attention. Here, at Experience and Creative Design, we carry a variety of baskets including ones that can be used as a tray on a coffee table. Additionally, we have woven textured lamps that would be a great addition to any home.



Incorporating the Beatriz Ball collection to your home will certainly add texture and interest. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and patterns, Beatriz Ball also makes a great gift! Goes from freezer to oven to table without having to polish!


Be sure to check back for the next “Designing for the Senses” Blog!

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New to the store – Drink mixes! Who doesn’t love a good Margarita or Bloody Mary? Now Experience and Creative Design can be your one stop shop for your entertainment needs. Get your home décor, party favors, fresh flowers and drink mixes all right here! And rent your table linens from Tablecloths for Granted in the back of the building. It couldn’t get any easier! We also have a variety of margarita glasses for sale to drink your delicious margaritas out of!(Drink mixes does not include alcohol, but there is a liquor store right across the street!) Be sure to check out all of the new drink mixes at our Fall Open House!


Experience and Creative Design is now carrying chocolates and toffees! Curb your sweet tooth with our new options of sweet and salty. Try the Hoity Toity Toffee, Southern Peacan Toffee or Hazelnut Dark Chocolate to name a few.


Keep checking back for our next “Designing for the Senses” Blog!

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Do you or someone you know loves horses or the Saratoga Racetrack? Here, at Experience and Creative Design, we carry the perfect gifts for horse lovers! Race into Experience and Creative Design for our week long, 40% off storewide sale! (Hurry! Sale ends Saturday August 17th!)

Horse Bookends! A unique way to add your favorite past time into a usable home accessory!

Horse Lamp! A perfect way to add some atmospheric lighting into anyroom!

Equestrian Lanterns! Great for hanging on any outdoor patio with candles inside or keep them inside your house and place them on a stack of books to add to a grouping on any end table.

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The theme of the Fall Open House is “Designing for the Senses”. This weeks blog is all about Smell!

Fresh Flower Friday!
From Friday, September 6th and every Friday thereafter we will have a selection of Fresh Flowers in the front of the store, for sale! Choose your flowers, have them hand tied free of charge or buy a vase from the store and have them arranged! Come back weekly for you new array of fresh flowers. They’ll be sure to make your house or office smell great!

fresh flowers

Caldrea is back! We will be getting a new shipment of Caldrea body lotion, hand balm, hand soaps and linen/room sprays for the Fall Open House. Be sure to stock up on your favorite scents, or be daring and try a new one!


Scent Sachets!
New to Experience and Creative Design, scent sachets! Perfect for your dresser drawer, laundry room, basement, car, garbage can, gym bag, etc. Be sure to look out for them at the Fall Open House, September 7th & 8th!

orange honey

Fall Votive/Pillar Candles!
A new shipment of our Root Fall votive line and pillar candles have arrived! Smell the scents of fall! Try the Apple Harvest, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Salted Caramel, Cinnamon Spice, Crisp Autumn and Mulled Cider, to name a few!

photofall candles

Stay tuned for our weekly “Designing for the Senses” blogs!

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Sometimes you have a room that is full of furniture and artwork and has paint on the walls but still seems to be lacking that “finishing touch.” That’s where ivy comes in. They help soften the edges of furniture to create a more comfortable environment. Ivy plants come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. From variegated ivy to just a solid green color, there is sure to be a style for everyone.

Where can Ivy Plants go?
- Cascading ivy plants work well on top of hutches, tall bookshelves, fireplace mantles, on top of kitchen or bathroom cabinets or on a buffet table, going down the side.
- Small ivy plants can be added to groupings on fireplaces, in a bookshelf or sideboard. They can also be combined with books, candles, figurines and/or photos.
- Some large ivy plants can be placed on the floor in a pot or in a tall urn.
- Ivy can also be placed on a wall shelf. Instead of adding more artwork, find a fun corbel or wall shelf and place a cascading ivy plant in it.

All of our ivy is made to be botanically correct. So correct in fact, a customer went away, and their house keeper watered her ivy plants, thinking they were real!

Right now at Experience and Creative Design, certain ivy is 75% off! There is always a place you can put an ivy, so stop by Experience and Creative Design and pick your up today!

8513 011ivy

8513 006ivy

(Colored pots are not included in sale)

Stop by Experience and Creative Design to see the unique sculptures designed by co-owner, David E. Siders. Each sculpture is one of a kind and incorporates aluminum, copper, and/or aluminum orbs. Various textures are applied to each piece giving an original appearance. Looking for something specific? Stop by to speak with David about an original piece to reflect your personal taste.


















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