All About Tuscan Tables!

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Tuscan tables are the perfect way to create intimacy and a sense of togetherness at your wedding.  Tuscan tables are created by placing several long rectangle tables together, end to end, and seating guests on both sides. They also allow for an amazing canvas for floral tablescapes to grace!

How to set up a Tuscan Table:  You’ll need four eight-feet long by four-feet deep rectangle banquet tables, but you can customize the length of your table with more or less.  Place two tables side by side, then place two more tables end to end with the tables you placed side by side for a 16-feet long by eight feet wide “table.”  Make sure the tables are completely touching so there is no gap between tables.  Cover the tables with  linens to coordinate with your theme and colors.

How to decorate your Tuscan Table: Your tablescape can involve a collection of flowers, branches, crystals, candles…anything that fits your theme and color scheme.  The tablescape goes down the center of the table, from end to end unless you have guests sitting at the ends of the table.  Varying heights of your pieces adds volume and interest to the table for a more grand, sophisticated feel.  All tall pieces add drama and grandeur while all short pieces create a homey feel.

Tips from Us: Use your bridal bouquet and the bridesmaid’s bouquets as floral decorations on your Tuscan table.  It’s instant decor without costing you a penny more!  Place vases or decorative containers straight in a line down the center of the table, spacing them out evenly from one end to the other with the bridal bouquet in the center of the table in a taller, more prominent vase/container.  Connect the vases with a blanket of fresh rose petals and interspersed votive candles for a romantic ambiance.




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